The DYNA 2000 represents a breakthrough in motorcycle ignition flexability. The DYNA 2000 system consist of a state of the art microprocessor controlled ignition module along with an adjustable DYNA dual sensor crank trigger. For the first time you can actually set the ignition timing to what you want to maximize engine performance. A number of different advance curve modes and a broad range rev limiter let you tailor the ignition to your needs. The DYNA 2000 also has the following built in features:

FJ1100/1200 DDK7-1    $349.95 DISCONTINUED


·BROAD RANGE REV LIMITER - The built in rev limiter is adjustable from 8,500 to 16,000 rpm to let you run in any range you want. No longer are you restricted to factory set limit range.
·FULLY STATIC TIMABLE - You can set the timing accurately to the desired value without having the engine running.
·INDEPENDENT 1/4, 2/3 CYLINDER TIMING - The Dyna dual sensor crank trigger uses one sensor for cylinders 1 & 4, and another sensor for cylinders 2 & 3, allowing you to correctly set the timing for each cylinder pair.
·BUILT IN STATIC TIMING LIGHT - An LED light, built in, allows you to monitor the crank trigger signal status and easily set the ignition timing.
·FIVE DIFFERENT ADVANCE CURVES - You can advance slowly to dial out pinging on high compression motors, or bring the advance in quickly on quick reving motors, or select a curve in between to maximize the performance of your combination. Great benifit when tuning on a dyno.
·FOUR DIFFERENT RETARD MODES - The ideal solution for turbo or nitrous oxide applications.
·TEST MODE - System check out and trouble shooting is a breeze with this feature.
·SAFETY INTERLOCK INPUT - You can keep the side stand safety funcitonal, or hook up a theft prevention switch, or activate a shift lever kill for road racing.
·DIGITAL TACH OUTPUT - Your tachometer will run smooth and accurate, even at the rev limiter.
·HIGH ENERGY - An innovative dwell control scheme maximizes spark energy all the way to 16,000 rpm! can be used with 2.2 ohm or 3 ohm coils.
·COMPLETE WIRING HARNESS - The Dyna 2000 kit includes a complete wiring harness to simplify installation.
·LOW COST - An awesome tunable ignition system for less than the cost of a factory black box in most cases.


DCT7-1 FJ1100/1200